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This Is my Story


Hi there, I'm Emma and this is my story!
After spending half my working life representing one of the world's most ethical retailers, campaigning to bring about change and raise awareness on everything from protecting the planet to animal and human rights, and six years living on a conservation reserve,  I knew it was time for change!  Time for all of us to look at how we live and travel, and the steps we must take as individuals to transition away from fossil fuels if we are to lessen the effects of global warming. 

By purchasing an Electric Vehicle, and using it to chauffeur you around, I was not only getting my petrol car off the road but yours too!  I decided to purchase an MG ZS as a proof of concept, to see if it was possible to
 run a chauffeur service with Australia's cheapest Electric Car.   Did enough people even want to go Electric? Was I able to overcome range anxiety? and could I create a sustainable business?
Well 12 months on and boy has life changed! We swapped our tree change for a sea change and positioned ourselves in Mooloolaba, so we would be central for moving you up and down the Coast. We have taken delivery of our second EV, an awesome BYD Atto3 which gives us double the battery range, luxury you would expect in an EV double the price,  and my husband has now joined me as a full-time driver.  So YES YES YES and YES seems to be the answer to all of the questions!
We absolutely love our EV life and the new lifestyle that has come with creating
 a business that allows us to share our knowledge and answer ALL of your questions, hence having a positive impact on people and the planet. 
We hope you'll join us
 on our quest to lower carbon emissions and live a more sustainable life, by treading lightly while moving around our beautiful region.

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