Co2 Emissions Saved

60g per k/m

About Us

Welcome to Sunshine Coast Electric Transport, the brainchild of our owner, Emma Hunt, a driven and passionate advocate for environmental sustainability.

Meet Emma

Emma spent half her working life representing one of the world’s most ethical retailers, campaigning for change and raising awareness on protecting our planet, animal, and human rights. After six years of living on a conservation reserve, she knew it was time for a change!

Motivated by the pressing need to mitigate global warming, Emma took a leap of faith, transitioning away from fossil fuels and embracing the world of Electric Vehicles (EVs). By purchasing her first EV, an MG ZS, and offering a chauffeur service, she managed to get her petrol car off the road and potentially yours too!

This step was proof of concept: Could a transportation service with Australia’s cheapest Electric Car be run? Did enough people even want to go Electric? Could she overcome the often talked about range anxiety? And most importantly, could she create a sustainable business?

Fast-forward to today, 12 months on, Emma and her team have proven the answers to all those questions are a resounding YES! Now based in Mooloolaba, a central location perfect for chauffeuring you up and down the Coast, Sunshine Coast Electric Transport has expanded its fleet, welcoming an awesome BYD Atto3, which doubles its battery range and offers luxury you would expect in an EV to double its price.

What Sets Us Apart

A profound environmental passion and a proactive stance on Climate Change drive Emma. Our goal is simple: to reduce the damage fossil fuel vehicles cause to our environment and stimulate an increase in the uptake of electric vehicles. As sunny coast locals of 20 years, we cherish our beautiful home and look forward to sharing it with you while striving towards a sustainable future.

Our local owner-drivers are friendly, experienced, and deeply invested in creating a memorable journey for you.

Our short-term goal is to get more drivers into EVs and reduce the environmental impact of commuting around the coast. We believe in our mission and have shown that we can be profitable using affordable EVs that can handle the workload. We envision a cleaner, quieter, healthier, more sustainable future unlocked by the adoption of EVs.

Looking forward, our long-term goal is to create an app/community that fosters local engagement. Our vision for the preferred driver model creates a win-win scenario for riders and drivers. We hope to see a fleet of EVs buzzing around the Coast by the 2032 Olympics, showcasing the Sunshine Coast as a leader in the uptake of Electric Vehicles and sustainable tourism.

Join Us in Our Mission

We need advocates who actively enjoy our services, spread the word to family, friends, and businesses, and ensure everyone knows an Electric Alternative is available. Follow us on our social media journey as we strive to lower carbon emissions and live a more sustainable life, treading lightly on our beautiful region. Your support can help us continue our quest towards a more sustainable future. Join us today!